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Airtabs™ are patented, unique wishbone shaped vortex generators designed to increase vehicle aerodynamic performance and fuel economy by reducing aerodynamic pressure drag at two key locations; the tractor-trailer gap and the rear facing surface (the base area) of any commercial or private square backed vehicle or trailer that routinely attains highway speeds. Drag reduction and fuel economy benefits from Airtab® application is not limited to commercial trucking operations. Airtabs™ enhance aerodynamic performance equally well on cube vans, straight trucks, expeditors, SUVs, RVs, buses, horse, toy and utility trailers, faired “bob tail” tractors, flat beds and tankers. The results may vary somewhat with vehicle type but the aerodynamic theory and principles are the same for all.

Airtabs™ are mounted 3 per linear foot, or every 4 inches on center. Take the number of feet to be covered and multiply by 3 to give the number of Airtabs™ required.

Each Airtab® creates two tight swirls of air or vortices that combine to reduce the suction and drag at the rear of vehicles traveling at speeds above approximately 35 mph or 55kmh. Airtabs™ are also effective at the rear roof lines of automobiles that have a rear window slope of greater than 30 degrees.

Airtabs™ offer several safety benefits as well.  They improve vehicle stability by altering the airflow at the vehicle’s rear. The large random eddies at the rear surface are changed to an array of small vigorous “stream wise” vortices. The majority of users comment immediately on the improved vehicle handling performance, especially in gusty cross wind conditions or when passing (or being passed by) other vehicles. This increases driver safety margins by reducing wandering and sudden adjacent lane incursions. Mirror visibility in rain or snow is also improved as the Airtabs™ help suppress precipitation and spray patterns. Safety is improved through better mirror visibility yielding safer lane changes as well as improving the visibility conditions for other road users. By reducing the suction and aerodynamic drag at the rear of vehicles, the tendency to accumulate snow and road grime at this location is reduced. This helps to improve corporate image and reduce cleaning time and expense. It also enhances safety by keeping conspicuity tape, tail and brake lights cleaner and helps the bottom line by reducing snow and weight build up in winter.


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