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Selecting Your Airtabs

How many Airtabs™ do I need:

Measure the sides and the roof of the Vehicle at the back. They are placed 3 per linear foot (4” inches on center)

Airtabs™ are mounted 3 per linear foot, or every 4 inches on center. Take the number of feet to be covered and multiply by 3 to give the number of Airtabs™ required. For example if the total distance is 24 feet multiply 24 feet by 3 which equals 72 Airtabs™.

If you operate a standard tractor or trailer unit:

You need our Tractor or Trailer Kit in either white or black. Each kit contains 80 Airtabs™, enough for one tractor or one trailer.


If you operate an RV or similar large vehicle:

Measure the sides and top perimeter of the trailing edge of your vehicle. You will need 3 Airtabs™ per lineal foot (mounted no closer than 4″ centers — see install instructions). Purchase  Airtabs™ individually in whatever quantity you need.

We recommend that you buy one or more extra Airtabs™, in case your measurements were slightly off, or you drop one during installation. If you drop an Airtab® after removing the lining and the adhesive gets dirty, you will probably find that Airtab® will no longer adhere to the surface of your vehicle.

Need to equip more than 500 units?

If you need more than 40,000 Airtabs (enough for 500 tractors or trailers), please call Airtab, LLC at 262-394-5752 for fleet pricing.


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